Military Service

Brady Augustine –  US Navy Reserve, Submarine SSN Barbel Nuclear Sub

Michael Bowland – PFC US Army, 82nd Airborne attached to 8th Infantry Division, Germany 1961 – 1964.

David Coleman – US Navy, USS Wasp CVS–18, Fire Control Technician, E-4; on team retrieving two Gemini Space Capsules; tracked Russian Nuclear Sub for four days; sailed into Arctic, became a “Blue Nose.” 1966- 1970

Russell Curtiss - USMC

Allan Daum –  US Navy Reserve, Supply Officer, USS O’Bannon, 1965 – 1968

Don Davis –  Sgt. E-5 USMC Reserve, NAS Los Alamitos Aviation Supply, 6yrs.

Richard GromollNATO Military Headquarters (SHAPE), Paris/Brussels, E-5, 2 yrs.

Robert Hager US Army Reserve, Paramedics E-5, 4 yrs.

Chris Heaton –  US Air Force, 310 OMS Bomb Wing E-6, 4 yrs.

Richard Jennings – Spec. 5, US Army, North American Air Defense Command Band, (NORAD),1966 – 1969

Doug Lund – Lt. Col US Air Force, Army Medic, 34 yrs.

Van Manning – 1st Lt. US Army, 3 yrs.

William McCrackenUS Navy Reserves 1961- 1971; Viet Nam 1966 – 1968.

Charles Peckham – Lt Cmdr. US Navy Reserve, Viet Nam 1966 – 1967

David Stephan Rader - Captain, Squadron Commander - US Air Force - 1967-1971

Don Ruohomaki – Lt.Col. US Army, US Army, Missile Maintenance, Ordnance and Transportation, 20 yrs.

Larry Sharp – Chief Warrant Officer US Navy, Surface Ordnance Technician, 20 yrs. 9 mos.

Richard Schiel – US Army, Military Instructor Signal Corps, 1st Infantry Division, Viet Nam, 2 yrs.

James Walker  - 1st Lt. US Army, Company Commander, Seoul, Korea, 3 yrs.

Scott Widdicombe –  Capt. US Army Field Artillery and Logistics Administration, Vietnam, 8 yrs.

Dave Woods  US Army Signal Corps, Viet Nam, E-5, 3 yrs.

Barry Zimmerman – US Army Intelligence and Security Training, Morse Intercept Operator, Viet Nam, E-4

 Deceased (while in service)

Samuel Cordova – US Navy, F4J Pilot; Major, USMC, MIA Laos 1972, remains returned to the United States on 15 December 1988.

Michael Dorfman – US Navy, Viet Nam 4 yrs., buried Riverside National Cemetery.

Timothy Douglass –  LtJG, US Navy entered service 1965, buried Arlington National Cemetery 2002.


Non-Military Federal Service

Peace Corps

Diane Cokely – Civil Service, Taught High School Science in Malawi, Africa 2 yrs.

US Public Health Service

Kent Anger - Capt. (USPHS) - National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health 1969-1989