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07/10/11 01:48 AM #1    


W. Kent Anger

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07/16/11 11:18 PM #2    


W. Kent Anger

Alumni News – Received from Jacqui and Lawrene

Linda Bullock’s husband George Williams emailed Saturday that Linda is under the care of Hospice at her home in La Habra having been diagnosed with colon cancer which has spread to her liver and brain.  Linda’s face was full of happiness at the 50th Reunion in January as she introduced her new husband of only ten days.  They were married January 15th in Stone Mountain, Georgia, and spent part of their honeymoon with all of us celebrating.  Linda’s first husband had died unexpectedly only two years before, and she and George reconnected their friendship culminating in their marriage.  Please keep Linda and George in your prayers.  I am sure she would love hearing from alumni who wishing to send her a message.

Please let Jacqui or Lawrene know of any news, including new grandchildren, weddings, and upcoming events that might be of interest to our classmates.

01/07/12 07:45 AM #3    

Catherine Louise Dunn (Warner)

CalHi Update

  Hello everyone, I assume it is ok to post with a new topic.  I noticed a few comments posted regarding the nickname of our school having been changed from Calhi to CalHi.  While I served on the Board of Trustees for our district I was part of the team that hired our current Superintendent, Sandra Thorstenson.  She is an amazing individual, grew up in West Whittier, graduated from Whittier High & Whittier College.  She began her career teaching at Pioneer High, was an Assistant Principal at CalHi, Principal at Santa Fe High, Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services at the Whittier Union District office and then we appointed her as the Superintendent in 2002.

  One day I asked Sandy why the capitalization of the H was changed and she said the administration of the school felt it gave the school additional prestige by using a capital H instead of a small h.  CalHi has used the shortened Cal in the past but there were copyright issues with UC Berkeley and our school is phasing out that use.

  There are around 3000 students this year at CalHi which is the highest enrollment for the past several years.

  Several new buildings have been built on campus because of the proceeds of two general obligation bonds that the community has passed as well as modernization money from the State of California.  A small gym was added several years ago on the other side of the pools as well as a new block of classrooms next to the small gym.  A new library was built facing the student parking lot and to the east of the cafeteria.  Also, a new science building was added to the north of the existing science building.

  Lockers were removed several years ago for safety reasons and sadly we authorized the placement of fences around all of the district schools based on requests from local law enforcement.  They wanted to keep the bad guys out!  The pools have been rebuilt and the entrance to the school has been moved from Mills to Hawes off of the student parking lot.  Both quads have been redone and they are beautiful.

  Our "new" stadium will be torn down and rebuilt this next year.  In my capacity as Mayor of Whittier, It was my privilege to be part of the graduation this past June for the class of 2011 and I commented to the students how I had been part of the graduation in the "new" stadium 50 years ago.  I still remember our fun all night party at the Sunny Hills Barn!!

  As local residents we are very proud of CalHi and the Whittier Union High School District as the scores measuring student and school achievement continue to rise.  You can access to read about the district and the schools in the district.  This year one of the teachers from La Serna was named California Teacher of the Year and our Superintendent was named California Superintendent of the Year.  She will now go onto Washington, D.C. for national competition.  Also, the district is mentioned in several nationally sold books discussing student learning and educational strategies for high school students.  We have visitors from around the US coming to observe our district and our schools on a regular basis.

  It has been my privilege to work for Tri-Cities Regional Occupational Program (TCROP) a public school providing career and technical education classes for the high school students of the Whittier Union High School District and El Rancho High School.  In this capacity I have been on the campus of CalHi quite a bit recently working with the students.  I have a great time doing this and love the memories.

  Several years ago, I along with two Whittier High parents and alumni-Joe Vinatieri and Dave Butler started the Whittier High School Alumni Association and Educational Foundation.  This organization continues today with an active volunteer board supporting Whittier High School.  When CalHi celebrated their 50th anniversary as a school, several of us started the California High School Alumni Association and Educational Foundation.  After several years, our alumni organization seems to be getting off the ground.  We have an active board and look forward to our alumnni becoming members and continuing to support CalHi.

  If any of you have any questions about CalHi, the Whittier Union High School District or Whittier in general, please ask, I would be happy to answer within this message forum.  If you are ever in town and would like a tour of CalHi, please let me know.  I would love to be your tour director and introduce you to the current administration!

Best Regards to all Condors-Cathy Dunn Warner

01/12/12 09:13 AM #4    

Lawrene Mae Nixon (Anfinson)

Sad to learn from Ginny Christensen that Charlotte Pillsbury passed away on Thanksgiving Day 2011 of cancer.  A gifted and talented lady throughout her life, she was one of the members of our class who began her education in Kindergarten at East Whittier Grammar School and always had a kind word for everyone.

04/12/12 02:05 PM #5    

Diane Carol Cokely

Please correct the Memorial Page by noting that Gail Anderson (Overaa) passed away in 2004, not 1993. Thanks. Diane

04/25/12 12:21 PM #6    

Lawrene Mae Nixon (Anfinson)

Hi Diane,  Gail Anderson's daughter emailed me with her mother's obituary included when we were establishing the contact list nearly two years ago.  I am curious as to where you heard that the date of passing was 2004.  Her daughter also said that Gail never spoke about living in Whittier, and that the children had not visited the area.  Interesting!  At any rate, thank you for your update and I will add it to the Master Alumni List. 

  Best regards, Lawrene


04/30/14 10:04 AM #7    

Lawrene Mae Nixon (Anfinson)

Hello everyone,

Time has flown by since our 50th Reunion.  What are your thoughts about having our 55th in Whittier on the same weekend as Calhi's event?  

Best regards, Lawrene Nixon Anfinson

11/10/14 02:28 PM #8    

Diane Carol Cokely

OVERAA, Gail Louise Anderson - "Passed away at home in Lafayette, Tuesday, August 31, 2004, at the age of 61, with her family and friends at her side." (FROM THE SF CHRONICLE, SEPT. 3, 2004)

11/10/14 02:32 PM #9    

Diane Carol Cokely

Gail was a fabulous Water color ARTIST. She also left me her car when she passed away. I still have it, and think of her all the time when I drive it. It has a "WATERCOLOR" bumper sticker on the back, which I put on the car. 

11/10/14 02:35 PM #10    

Diane Carol Cokely

The car that Gail left me was a 2001, but maybe she bought it in 1993, who knows? Gail is chuckling at this email, for sure. 

01/01/17 12:41 PM #11    

James David Brisco

Dear Lawrene; Happy New Year We wish  You a great New Year filled with Love and Fun. I missed the reunion as We had .  small ship cruze in The Greek Isles. I had not done anything like this before and it was a pure joy. We are snowed in today and the power is out, so much for living in the mountains of Washington. We do spend a good deal of our time in Baja. We purchased a home on the east cape of Baja. Our town is only 3000 people, more old Mexico than say Cabo San Lucas. Los Barriles is at the base of the Sierra Lagunas mountains and at the waters edge of the sea of Cortez. We try to spend the fall and winter thru spring in Mexico. Most of summer is spent in the north West as the grand kids are out of school. Warm Wishes for the New Year Fondly Jim

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